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Who We Are

The Original Australian :


 The Original Australian has for more than 25 years been involved in Australian style sauces creating our  unique style of BBQ sauces, marinades, dressings and mustards that we currently export all over the  world.


 Garry Sullivan, Managing Director and Founder, was one of the first noted Australian Master Chef’s to  train through the original “Le Cordon Bleu” in Paris as part of his Culinary Degree from William Angliss  Institute and continued on to  work at top restaurants throughout Europe until 1976 training with the best Chef's in the  the World. On  returning to Australia and became an original member of the "Australian Guild of Professional Chefs" and having recently been awarded "Black Hat"  honorary status (2015) and in 1976 opened his first Gastropub in Port Melbourne, Victoria,  Australia. He was invited to work with Michael Roux and Paul Bocuse in Melbourne on 2 separate occasions and assisted showing Australia their famous  culinary styles. He then continued to open restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast and Cairns in Australia.


During the 80’s and 90’s won many awards for his outstanding barbecue sauces, ribs and mustard's in the USA and Canada. In addition to these awards, he was honoured to be on the NBC 'Today" Show, live from Memphis and TV and radio appearances in other states visited on the World BBQ circuit discussing and explaining our unique style of Australian BBQ . With 50 Awards in the USA and Canada we decided then to take our products to the world.

In 2005 he introduced "Old Texas Barbeque" in Silicone Valley, CA  with Traditional "TEXAS BBQ" and from there built into the largest catering organization in California and continued to develop the now famous "Old Texas" brand of sauces sold through out the world.

Still involved with Food Imagineering USA as Head of Research and Product Development bases himself in Healdsburg, Sonoma Valley, CA, creating new innovative and original  food products for the world. 


The Original Australian brand still produces the same products representing the great flavours and the unique cuisine of Australia.

Garry Sullivan

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