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Our Original Australian BBQ Awards.


 1st  Prize -National Rib Cook-Off Cleveland

 Best BBQ Sauce in U.S.A.

 3rd Prize -Best Ribs in U.S.A.


 2nd Prize-World Championship Rib Cook-Off Cleveland

 Best Ribs and Sauce

 2nd Prize-Houston Livestock & Rodeo BBQ

 Best Ribs & Sauce

FinalistMemphis in May BBQ

 Best Ribs & Sauce


 2nd Prize-World Championship Rib Cook-Off, Richmond, Virginia

 Best Ribs

 3rd Prize-National Rib Cook-Off, Cleveland, Ohio

 Best Ribs


 3rd Prize-National Rib Cook-Off Cleveland, Ohio

 Best Ribs

 1st National Chicken-Out, Ohio

 Best BBQ Chicken in U.S.A.


 1st Prize -The Great Canadian Cook-Off- London, Ontario

 Best Ribs & Sauce in Canada

 People's choice - World Invitational Rib Championship, Richmond, Virginia

 Best Ribs & Sauce

 3rd  Prize-Chicago,  Naperville, Illinois

 Best Sauce

 1st  Prize-Akron, Ohio

 Best Sauce

 1st  Prize  Mansfield, Ohio

 Best Ribs


  1st  Prize-Naperville, Chicago, Illinois

 Best Sauce

 People's choice-World Invitational Rib Championship, Richmond, Virginia

 Best Ribs & Sauce

 1st  Prize-World Series Rib Cook-Off, Minneapolis

 Best Ribs

 People's choice-Great London BBQ, Canada

 1st  Prize-Best Ribs & Sauce


 1st Runner up-Great Lakes Cook-Off, Ohio

Best Sauce & Ribs

 1st  Prize-North American World Cook-Off, Detroit, Michigan

 Best Ribs

 1st  Prize- World Invitational Rib Cook-Off, Richmond, Virginia

 Best Sauce


 3rd Prize- Naperville, Chicago, Illinois

 Best Sauce



People's choice-Best In West Cook-Off, Reno, Nevada

Best Ribs & Sauce



2nd Prize-Kansas City Royal BBQ Contest

Best BBQ Sauce

Finalist-Kansas City Royal

Spicy Mustard

 7th Prize-Kansas City Royal

Best Hot BBQ Sauce

4th Prize-Kansas City Royal

Best Ribs Rib Rub

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